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    W2120_Finca Verodal
  • Property Type
    Finca, House
  • Address
    38869 El Verodal
  • Land approx.
    535,000 m²
  • Area approx.
    611 m²
  • Purchase price
    890,000 EUR

Property description


Finca Verodal is a unique property on La Gomera, situated on a long ridge above the sea with spectacular views. It has a total of 534,977 m2 and has several houses, large water tanks, a well, countless terraces and a former banana plantation.
The finca is situated in an absolutely isolated location. A passable earth track leads from the street to the houses.
The property offers many possibilities. Also a life community, a seminar house or similar could be realized here.

The buildings on the finca are partly quite old and in need of renovation or would have to be rebuilt. Five buildings in the lower area are already usable.

The finca is divided into two parts, the large lower area with several houses, the "Casas El Verodal" with large water tanks and the former banana plantation, and the upper area with the "Casa San Andrés", also surrounded by a large property. In between are several plots of land, which also belong to the estate.


The "Casa San Andrés" , located at 580 m.a.s.l., we find at the upper end of the estate. It is the ruin of an old farmhouse of 160m2 and an outbuilding of 85 m2. This is located close to the access road, and is therefore easily accessible. Around the buildings is a contiguous plot of 88.473 m2. One has a fantastic wide view over the slopes and the sea.

The "Casas El Verodal", situated at about 315 m.a.s.l., have access via a 3.5 km long drivable dirt road.
They consist of five buildings and two ruins. Around the houses is a large, contiguous plot of land of about 300,000 m2, mostly terraced. Of this, the old banana plantation, at the lower end of the property, occupies an area of about 36,000 m2. This consists of wide, flat terraces, surrounded by the old windbreak wall of the plantation.

The old farmhouse of 145 m2, the "Casa del Laurel". was largely built in the traditional construction method of natural stone and clay. Next to the building is an old large laurel tree, after which the house was named.

The "Casa nueva", a newer building of 80 m2, is located slightly below.

The third building of the group of houses is a storeroom of 96 m2 and there is also another small building of 22 m2.
A little apart from the houses on the slope we find a small stable of 23 m2 with a fantastic view.

Above the "Casa del Laurel" there are still the ruins of two small buildings, which could possibly be rebuilt.

Above the "Casas El Verodal" there is a large water tank of 815 m2 and two other smaller tanks.

In the stream bed of the ravine next to the group of houses there is a well with a pump house. From here the irrigation water of the banana plantation was pumped up into the water tanks, from where the plantation was irrigated....

Additional Information

From the finca a footpath leads down to the beach, the "Playa Iguala".
In the next larger village, Chipude, you will find shopping and refreshment facilities.

The lower part of the property is located within a natural park. This protects the area from abuse, but also limits the possibilities of development. The existing houses can be maintained and restored in their current form. New development is not possible here. The land can be used for agricultural purposes.
The upper buildings of "Casa San Andrés" can be rebuilt.
The houses can be connected to the public drinking water supply, the electricity network and the telephone line. An internet connection is also possible.
All construction measures have to be approved by the authorities.
We are happy to help with the planning and application for permits.


Located in the southwest of the island, on a long ridge that rises from the sea towards the interior, from about 200 m.a.s.l. in the lower to about 600 m.a.s.l. in the upper part of the property.
We reach the Finca Verodal from the village Chipude. Before there a small asphalted road leads past the village Gerian down to the entrance of the Finca. The road ends shortly after in the hamlet of Gueleica.

El Verodal, Spain
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